Em i l y - A x l

About Axl by Emily
Fluffy, and almost as fierce as lions, Axl is an adventurer. Sometimes his adventures come in illustrated form, and sometimes they occur out in the awesomeness of the real world. An avid enemy of winter Axl is happiest when hugged by sunshine and warm degrees. As fascinated by the beautiful complexities of life, as with what the orange cat is doing in the back yard, Axl has a mind worth picking.

About Emily by Axl
Possibly awesome, or awesomely Possum? Emily has two great passions in life; building things and going places. Never satisfied with the world being inherited by pesky grownups, she means to uncover everything fluffy; be it geological mysteries, architectural marvel or clueless animals. The compulsion to create things with her own hands is strong, and her warped mind brings us riveting stories as well as friendly robots, and the occasional bunny rabbit. The passion to go places is equally strong; Emily's origins can be traced back to three continents, and her plan is to lay claim to the remaining ones before her work is done. By that time, chances are the world will be a whole lot fluffier. Anyone along for the ride, or jabbed through osmosis by her untamed creativity, is a lucky dog.